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DJ Prosper
Crowd Motivator

About DJ Prosper

Patrick “Prosper” Laguerre, was born on September 19th, 1979 in Montréal, Canada. Born into a Haitian household, Prosper was full of energy and charisma from a young age. His love for music started through his early admiration of the late greats, Michael Jackson & Elvis Presley. Channeling their captivating presence and ability to lead thousands through a performance would be the bridge to Prosper and his very early success. Through high school into adulthood, Prosper became the voice of the people, rocking crowds at various school talent shows and concerts, to eventually the birth of his first musical venture Technical Sense.

The rap group, formed by a group of high school friends would be the start if Proper’s musical journey. The rap group would emerge as prominent figures in the Québec music scene as well as garnishing some nationwide attention. Platforms such as MTV & Much Music, took notice to the emerging rap group but it was the undeniable connection that Prosper had with the audiences that would watch him, that took him to the next steps of his life. It was 2001 when Prosper got the opportunity to open for R&B legend Ashanti on a Ruff Ryders tour that featured him as a crowd motivator. City to city Prosper would set the temperature, bringing the energy to packed out venues all over the country night after night. This passion was eventually cultivated through the love of his life and now wife Melissa Laguerre. Through a series of life changing events, Prosper found a new sense of peace with his decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ. These decisions ultimately led him to cross paths with the love of his life, and now wife Melissa Laguerre. Together they formed a new group with a different focus by the name of GPM.

GPM, which stands for Gifted Powerful Movement was a group started by the young couple in hopes of reaching many with a message of hope & inspiration. Through 5 studio albums & many trips across the nation, Prosper & GPM spread their message and touched the lives of many.

Now a decade later, Prosper has taken his talents and message to a different platform with the NHL & the Ottawa Senators. Prosper serves as the host DJ & crowd motivator during the intermissions of home games throughout the season. The impact and influence of this dynamic has become a staple part of the Ottawa Senators experience and has allowed for Prosper to also become a fan favorite.

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